Memoir of a Derive Part 2

Paris, France during World War II


Jardin des Tuileries-Paris, France 2017

Beirut, Lebanon – Israeli war 2006

Beirut, Lebanon – Post War

My whole approach of the mind map changed from Part 1 to Part 2.

In the second part of my derive, I targeted the nostalgia I felt towards my country. Therefore, I focused on representing architectural landmarks that have reminded me of home, and drove me to question: ‘ Why was Paris so transparent, pure, and clean despite its dark history, while my Beirut was still demolished by previous wars?’ This is shown through the comparison of pictures of both Paris and Beirut. ( During and Post War). The dark background is placed to symbolize dark days during the battles, and the colored pictures symbolize peace, better days, and the idea of moving forward. The main idea that these pictures relay are the wounds that are still present and shown through the Lebanese architecture, while Parisian landmarks have been fully replenished.


In order to expand and enhance this project, I would use the same pictures to compare, instead of having a variety of different ones. I would focus on having less pictures, in order to clearly see the contrast between both cities before and after the war. This change would lead to the elimination of the poem I wrote, as the idea behind the work would be more clear, and therefore, viewers would grasp the concept without the need of an explanation.


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