Eyes Without a Face – First Impression

Interview Notes









Process 1- Necklace focus ft Video Setup        






Process 2- Change: Collages Inspiration from Ellen Gallagher and Wagechi Mutu





Thoughts ft Collage Mood Board











Going through the assignment at first, after interviewing Elle Shenk, I decided to base my project on a necklace she wore daily.

This piece of jewelry was a gift from her grandmother, who claimed it would wish her luck, happiness, and serenity.

As Elle talked about the necklace, I thought it would be an interesting concept to represent her through it.

Knowing Elle before the interview, I somehow discovered  a dual personality: The fun, crazy Elle yet the calm, peaceful and girly side of her.

As we went through two artists in class : Ellen Gallagher and Wagechi Mutu, I got greatly inspired and decided to approach the Portrait with two different collages, differing in meaning and representation of Elle.


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