Project Part 2

Project Set Up Projector Used Projector + Cloth = Shadow effect  Objects used:

  • Black Cloth
  • Projector


Performance Hand outs:

Tanisha Jane Elena Marshall Lynn HannaAshlee Missonee

For the part 2 of the Pere Lachaise project, my group and I decided to present our ideas and work through a performance.

The first decision we took, had to do with the four of us writing poems about how we would like to be buried. This decision was inspired by the writing assignment assigned for our seminar class. Our approach to that assignment had effectively transmitted the idea of creating a character that would communicate their feelings and desires post-death.

After taking that first decision, we thought it would be effective to project videos we had taken at the cemetery in order to reflect a feel of death, as well as our personal tour while reading them out loud.

Throughout the process of testing out the project set up, we started childishly playing with the reflections projected by the white light on the dark cloth. This game triggered an idea: Why not hide behind the cloth, and show our own shadows?

Therefore, while presenting we decided that the four of us would be standing behind the cloth. This would represent a barrier (symbol of the tomb) between the viewers (representing ourselves at the cemetery) and our shadows (representing the dead).

To represent a ‘tour’ we focused on an emotional and personal aspect. We would each represent the different ages and times, as well as cultures and nationalities at the Pere Lachaise.

Although the four of us held different morals and opinions, what made us seem similar was the format in which we wrote our poems: This symbolized the union of the Pere Lachaise no matter the differences that the dead held. This is justified by the title of our work: ‘One body 1995-2017’.

This union is portrayed through the performance as we start by showing one figure/shadow, that in the end merges into four.


In order to enhance this project, my group and I should find a way to present the performance in a clearer way. Few of the comments we got in class related to the fact that it was hard to follow up with the performance as they also felt the need to read the handouts of poems we distributed. This means that if there were a Part 3, we would probably have to present much slower, and find a way to project sentences of the poems as we read them out loud. Also, one of the inconveniences had to do with the Set Up. The room was not dark enough for the shadows to stand out, which means that we would have to find a darker space in which the shadows are more clear.




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