First Impression

My group and I chose to re-make Jemima Stehli’s ‘Strip Series’.

The work we chose is a series of photography in which she strips in front of art critiques and dealers, curators, and writers. The main intention of Stehli’s work is to highlight the gender imbalance that has been occurring for decades.

Being in a group of 3 girls and a boy (Ryan, Michelle,Sydney) we thought it would be quiet interesting to question the fact that Ryan had been our only male classmate. How is it that men represent a minority in art schools, yet statistics prove that they have been more successful in the art industry?

Why is it that Jemima Stehli is the one posing in front of men, and not the other way round?

Why was she trying to portray the existence of a so called ‘gender imbalance’ instead of making a move towards equality?

These are all questions we have explored through our research of the work, while working on the first part of the project.

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