Remake Part 1 – Prototype

Due to difficulties regarding one of our group members presence in class and in Paris, my group and I only had the option to present a prototype of our re-make as well as response and reflection of Stehli’s work.

In her series of photographs, Stehli’s drive is to spell something out indirectly: Gender imbalance.

Inspired by her collaboration with artist Jone Allen, in which she poses naked, appearing like a piece of furniture. As she sees the work she questions: ‘How does it feel to participate in my own objectification?’ (As woman are often objectified).

Throughout her work Stehli achieves a reversal power that spells out the fact that yes, women are equal to men and hold the same capabilities. (In this project it is more about the sexual aspect of it).

Some critique her work for mocking the male gaze. However, my group and I questioned: ‘Why is it so common to talk about the male gaze, yet we’ve never heard of topics regarding the female gaze.’ Why is this a subject that happens to be so taboo in a generation that is moving forward? Why is the issue of gender imbalance not dissolved yet?

To raise awareness on gender equality, make a step forward, we decided to switch things: Have Ryan strip in front of a group of girls, in order to discover women’s response to this type of performance. Would every girl posing have a gaze? Is every girl posing interested in men, or Ryan necessarily?

Our project’s aim is to be authentic and truthful. The main goal is to TEST, in order to assess and better understand the view that our generation, as students, holds regarding the feminine gaze, as well as gender inequality.

The title of this project (Behind closed doors) relays the idea of the female gaze being so taboo, and having the truth revealed behind closed doors.

We decided to set up the project in the bathroom, a typical representation of hidden sexual activities, also being the place in which my group and I came up with all of the ideas for this project.

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