Post 3 – Curiosity Journal, 7 days of collecting

Day 1 to 7 – Classified in Order of Time

From capturing random pictures through an iPhone that brought me back to certain memories, and from thoughts that are linked to sound, reflections, and inspiration, I was able to come up with a 7 day journal. From fashion, graphics, music, architecture, and spaces in natural elements I was able to discover where my interests lied. I cannot say that my curiosity journal was key to discover what my research topic will be about. However, it did help me narrow down a few options I had in mind. This curiosity journal is very truthful and candid, whether elements seem interesting or not, it is really made up of fragments I thought were interesting at the time; in order for this to help me move forward with the thesis assignment I believed that being honest was key.

The poems on the side are the writing I have submitted for seminar, and are thoughts that were written down on a daily basis.


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