Post 2 – Project Deconstruction

I chose to deconstruct the ‘Eyes without a face’ project completed in Integrative Studio 1.

Behind the 3 collages, were lots of reflecting: 1 – The interview, 2- Moodboard inspired by the interview, 3- Inspiration from artists named Ellen Gallagher and Wagechi Mutu.

Mostly, I learned through this assignment that the aesthetics of what we make is not important. Yet the concept is. It is mostly about the thoughts and process that lies behind the work and experimenting that leads to the final piece.

After looking at a Mexican artist named Pedro Reyes, we were assigned to look back, and think of how we made our own work. His work was quite impressive: Not for how aesthetically beautiful it was, yet for the concept of destroying something that is so harmful ( in this case guns, pistols, etc..) into something pure and delicate such as music.

Below is the link to the deconstruction process of this specific assignment:


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