Post 4 – Collage, feedback and reflections

For the collages inspired by our 7 day curiosity Journal, I chose to look into ‘Meudon la Foret’ which are Parisian Suburbs designed by a French architect named Fernand Pouillon.

The concept behind his work is fantastic and truly inspiring: He chose to create what he calls ‘a kingdom’ to those who could not afford it. A sort of social housing that made everyone fill at ease and feel like they have their own intimate space in a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere with it being comfortable.

I was mostly interested by the differences within one landscape, and decided to cut out everything I found interesting from different pictures I have taken from the sight. It was a way of creating my own architectural structures based on his work.

In class, through the group critique, I was advised to narrow down these collages and make them more clear, showing Fernand Pouillon’s actual work, mixed with my own perception of it.

This is why I later on made this second black and white collages, in order to mix what I found interesting in the actual landscape ft. the architects initial work mixed with cut outs that I thought were inspiring.

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