Post 4 – Final Project

For the Final Project, i decided to install my work in a dark room that was enclosed by dark curtains. This was a symbol/ feel of being locked in a cage, which is exactly what i felt while being stuck in the mountains as a child during war time.

I briefly edited some of the posters i had done as a a draft: re-arranging the digitally painted sky.

Lastly, i added a gif with audio sounds of shooting that represented wartime, then added a contradictory audio sound (The Boléro which is a one movement orchestral piece by French composer Maurice Ravel ) – as rose petals, bicycles, and doves were being thrown out on the mortar shell holes of the building. I attempted to create a sort of ‘metaphor’ to show the clash between the brutal tragedy of war time and the vision of a child.


During the class critique, i was firstly advised to have a label next to my work in order to clearly explain the backstory of the pieces. It should be about the work talking for itself but also having some support (in this case the short narrative label).

I was also advised to print them on a bigger scale given the perspective in which the photos are taken. There are lots of details in the pictures and therefore, it would be more intriguing to see them clearer.

Personal reflection on challenges

One of the challenges of this project was 1- Relating the mix mediums to one another ( giff and posters) – but also the restricted printing scale.

However, the main challenge was to be able to narrate the concept behind the work as little as possible: Letting the work speak for itself. It is an idea that i very much struggle with and hope to be more at ease with for future projects.


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