Social Media Analysis/ Gift Project + The Exchange

Gift(Digital Drawing in Photoshop) for Ally based on her social media pictures:


Printed and Framed:




I chose to give Ally the gift of a framed drawing because her social media pictures suggest that she appreciates art and design – one of her photos was taken at the Whitney Museum of Art, and another is of herself standing in front of a lime-green background with a graphic logo. Also, since three out of the ten pictures are related to her dogs, I could conclude that Ally values her relationship with her pets. I then combined these assumptions into the gift, which is a drawing of Ally and her dog. I was not afraid that Ally would dislike my gift since she seems like a very friendly, accepting and approachable person from her photos: the picture of Ally happily strolling through Chinatown shows that she is culturally accepting, and her carefree poses show that she is very easygoing and not a picky or rigid person. I chose to draw in a cutesy illustration style (as opposed to straight on observational drawing) because of Ally’s photo of her dog in a banana costume. From this photo, I could assume that appreciates cute, fun things and that she has a good sense of humor.

Social Media Picture Analysis:

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The Exchange


After my gift exchange with Ally, I was extremely happy and touched that she put so much thought into my gift. Soon, I was already thinking of how I was going to use my gift (obligation) and excitement built upon my thoughts. Other sensory observations included a high-pitched “Aw, thank you, I love it!”  from both of us, and a big hug. The exchange was a bonding experience and I felt that we became friends from that moment on. I found out that we are actually very similar because we both made cute dog-related gifts. From the gift-making to the exchange, I got to know Ally faster than I got to know any other classmate.

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