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Assemble; Create:

Linear Progression Project

Overview/ About the Piece: The ability to create, yet destroy: that is the power of hands. This video serves as a metaphor for how people are constantly, and endlessly, creating the world through industrialization and globalization, but also destroying the world amidst these processes. Like paper, Earth can be manipulated in different ways; however, it is not indestructible and can be easily ripped apart in the hands of humanity. The concrete cement background is purposely chosen for the video because it is a key ingredient in the construction of cities that are built at the expense of destroying nature (Cutting down trees, destroying plains, polluting water systems, etc.).

 Watch Video:


Final Project 2-Sided Video Installation

Overview/About the pieceDisconnect Indesign

Side 1 of video installation:

Side 2 of video:

(Note: videos must be played together side by side)

Synchronization Project:

Assignment: Pick two completely unrelated subjects and find synchronization between them. Then make the class believe you when you present.

Presentation here: https://prezi.com/e2dcuhzf2edx/rollen-stewart-is-the-secret-behind-forever-21/

Time Map

Photos/Description/Overview: Time_FA15_Wang_TimeMap


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