Integrative Studio 2: Map of Absences and Effects

System Map: 


By not purchasing wool, leather, silk, down, or cashmere clothing products…

less suffering animals: there will be less demand for these products and therefore less animals will be bred and killed/mutilated for their body parts. The populations of these animals would significantly decrease, but they can return to the natural world(instead of being contained and caged) and find a natural balance.

it is better for the environment:  raising animals requires a lot of water and land, contributing to erosion(from overgrazing) and deforestation. The food that is needed to feed the animals also requires a lot of energy, water, and land to be produced. Lots of energy is also required for transporting the skins, furs, and feathers to factories, then warehouses, stores, or homes. CO2 emissions would decrease from less transporting of goods.

less slaughterhouse workers: many employees who must make a living working in violent or murderous assembly lines develop physical, emotional, or mental trauma. Boycotting animal product goods will decrease the jobs in the animal product industry, resulting in less people working in unhealthy conditions. The jobs of metal workers who make cages for the animals will also decrease. However, there will also be an increase of jobs in the plant-based goods industry.

designers and businesses must limit their materials: less demand for animal products means that designers and businesses must think about how to design and make money with alternatives such as faux fur/leather/skin, cotton, linen, and synthetics including acrylic, polyester, and nylon.

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