Soft Structures: I Am Project

The “I Am” Project was very empowering and enjoyable. We were asked to design a creature that made us happy, and figure out how to transform the two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional forms. I learned to experiment with different patterns and to never be afraid of starting over when I make mistakes. The fact that my creature has a brain, heart, and knowledge inside gives her life and makes her a true companion. Even though I have accidentally pricked myself with pins and needles countless times during the making of my creature, the final result still made me smile. Overall, the experience was very enjoyable.

S K E T C H:

Design a creature that makes you happy

Peach-Inspired Creature  

E X P E R I M E N T A T I O N   &   P R O T O T Y P E   P R O C E S S

IMG_7466 IMG_7484

               Experimentation for head shape                                           Arms pinned to body piecesFullSizeRender-2

Head piece sewn

IMG_7487 IMG_7492  Arms sewn to sides of body                                                    Leg piece sewn

IMG_7493 IMG_7495Legs pinned to bottom of body                                          Body sewn togetherIMG_7517connection between head and body

FullSizeRender-14 FullSizeRender-15

Prototype Finished!

F I N A L   P A T T E R N   P I E C E S

notches, grain line, 1/2″ seam allowance, name, pattern number, cut number, and piece name


2 pattern pieces for the head


Arm/wing( leaf) and leg patterns


6 pattern pieces for the body (side, front, back, top, and bottom of trapezoid)

F I N A L    P R O C E S S

FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-2-1 IMG_7664 IMG_7665

reused pattern pieces pinned to fabric

IMG_7669 FullSizeRender-16

                                   head pieces pinned and sewn                             head sewn to body

IMG_7672 IMG_7673

wings and legs sewn

  IMG_7674 IMG_7676

wings embroidered with leaf veins, sewn to body pieces

IMG_7677 IMG_7679

             Buttons (eyes) sewn on and smile embroidered                   Legs sewn on to body

I N S I D E  /  S E C R E T  I N G R E D I E N T S:

on thin muslin: list words that empower/inspire/things I want to learn


Cut up words and put them in the stomach of the “I AM.”

The secret ingredients: brain (inside head) and heart


pick the most empowering word from your list and that will be the name of your creature

Name of  I Am:  Smiley

F I N A L    P I C T U R E S :

 FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-13 FullSizeRender-10



tied with ribbon!

H A N G T A G :


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