Immersive Storytelling: Week 6

In Lecture this week, I was fascinated by how Unity allows users to create immersive 3D environments. As a fashion design major, the world of Unity and coding is completely foreign to me, but Remina introduced the software effectively. We learned how to create a terrain, surfaces, and add various objects to the game environment. Although I struggled with navigating the software at first, I really enjoyed it because it felt as if I was painting in 3D.

In Discussion class, my team members and I decided to create a game from the point of view of a Parsons student. She would wake up to pack her bag, find her metro card, dodge “catcalling” obstacles on the subway, avoid cars, and finally make her way to school. I think that since this game may be a bit boring or mundane, it could be targeted towards people who are interested in attending Parsons. For example, it would be a “sneak peak” or “preview” into life at The New School and be accessible at orientation events, school tours, or for those who can not physically visit the school. However, I still have a lot to learn because I am inexperienced in game design but I will try my best to learn fast and help my team members in the process.

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