Immersive Storytelling: Lecture 4

Lev Manovich’s The Language of New Media interesting discusses how software programs is a reflection of the real larger social world. Manovich mentions how the communication between the larger social world and software use and design is a two-way process. The software that we use and the operations that are embedded in it eventually becomes how we understand everything: ourselves, others, and the world. I especially agree that strategies of working with computer date become our general cognitive strategies, especially in design areas. For example, the dominating software operations such as selecting, compositing, and teleaction are also crucial aspects of real modern society. I agree with Tina that using software allows non-professionals and professionals to create new media projects with creativity and ease: as a designer, I find that the Adobe Creative Suite allows to utilize the operations in this new media to create works that I otherwise would not be able to by hand. When I design, I think of the tools and other mechanisms will enable me to recreate my ideas, and therefore my design process is heavily influenced by the softwares I use.


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