After the Eclipse

Here’s a video of the main interactions:

1, 2. used left/right arrow keys to toggle pages
3. click to blink eyes
4. touch cap sensor to glow in the dark (Serial + hardware)
5. video speed changes depending on mouseY position
6. put ketchup on omelet by clicking and dragging
7. ledstrip = magenta snake in forest + fireflies (more Serial + hardware)
8. openCV eclipse
9. glittering eyes using particles
10. changed ‘brightness’ on glowing gradient, using HSB on mouse drag

Here’s the main file where I built out each page within a switch case:

Here are the words of each page, written by my friend Amber:
After the Eclipse
Omphalotus wasn’t like all the other mushrooms. He had eyes. He could walk.
He could talk, and he glowed in the dark.
He didn’t know what to do with the days, and felt lost and lonely. Like the world was too big, and he was too small.
He thought of turning himself in to the omelet factory, but even then they’d turn him away because he also happened to be poisonous.
It was late one evening he squished sadly past a slime mold on a rock.
“Hello, what a lovely evening!” squeaked the slime mold
“Hello” replied Omphalotus gloomily.
“Come, sit upon this rock with me, the lunar eclipse is coming and I am waiting” the slime mold squeaked.
Omphalotus did not know what the slime mold was talking about but he slowly glided over to the rock and joined his new companion. They waited in silence, staring at the full moon glowing in the night sky.
A snake slithered past in the grass. Three crickets chirped an evening chorus, and a group of fireflies danced.
Soon the world grew quiet all around and Omphalotus gazed into the sky, and watched in wonder as the once luminous moon was covered in a veil of magic shadow.
A small smile crept onto his cap, a satisfying chill rushed up his stalk- He had never seen something so spectacular, so unequivocally beautiful.
For the first time he was filled with wonder, and he no longer felt so small.
He glowed brighter than the moon, before the eclipse as the slime mold squeaked with joy.

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