Disassociative Walks

The concept for this project began from an interest in starting from something simple/concrete (a set of data) and exploding it.
Working with the data as a starting point led me to the conclusion that this is a good way of understand the bigger, surrounding structures of a system. Start with a small piece, work outwards.

The main point of this project, aside from working with new data and software,  is to provoke thought in those who are too uncomfortable with the silence and existing visuals, and are looking for new ways to further disconnect/disassociate themselves from this outside world – either by wearing headphones, disabling their vision or by choosing to stay completely connected to a digital world.

Format: a visual/audio album. [ irl + url ]
Here is a diagram of how the data exploded into what it is now:



disassocI made an album cover, full of pictures I took/edited during my walks and research online. Inside is a link to the online project.
This physical copy will represent the idea that things experienced physically, tangibly is incredibly different than experiencing online. Different feelings emerge – whether from color, texture, or the human encounter of actually receiving the thing.
Ideally the connection to the online version would be less direct. In future revisions,instead of a link to the polished digital album (url), I imagine a usb card with 2 folders of the raw files inside.


url https://github.com/jessherzog/walks/

gaze demo

    • outside audio, ambient street noise (best experienced with headphones!):

  • 3d avatar is the default example model, which I hope to customize to something more representative of my own identity / expressions. screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-2-40-40-pm This was a model I found online, which I think has potential. I like how it reads as a female, but also completely immersed in a separate world.


pov demo

    • outside audio is paired with ‘inside audio’, which is pulled from a playlist of my most-listened-to tracks:

Fluctuating speeds in the music loosely connect to the fluctuating speeds in the visual walk.

Video demo of each side

First, the gaze with just ‘outside audio’. (first side)
At 1:25, headphones are put on, ‘inside audio’ is added.
At 2:18, contacts are taken out, blur is added. (second side)

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