walk objects using Wikitude AR

I ended up choosing Wikitude for my SDK, because it came with examples specifying how to put 3D Objects at geolocations.

I’ve been using Xcode for my IDE, using programs written in Objective-C but also with a Javascript API for iOS.

First, I got an app running on my phone with an example sketch.
unadjustednonraw_thumb_934I would get my geolocation coordinates from this online tool: http://www.mapcoordinates.net/en . It is sometimes in German, but I like how I can manually move the geo points around, rather than specifying an address.

I noticed that the 3D earth model was in a special .wt3 format, which I would be able to convert my .fbx files from MAYA using the Wikitude3DEncoder.

I then started creating some more objects that I thought were significant during my walking commute.

Here is a rat, placed in front of my apartment, because there is a bit of graffiti stating that it is “RAT BREEDING GROUNDS”. It’s true, they are found everywhere near the dumpsters.


Here is a black shopping bag, placed in front of the corner store I always get sandwiches and coffee from. Whatever I get always come inside these bags. Sometimes the deli man throws in extra stuff when I am not looking.


Some models did not turn out as well – because of their exact geolocation, scaling, or possibly because I am hazy about precisely how UV mapping works.

Here on the corner is where I ran in to buy a pack of cigarettes after getting followed by a man, for several blocks.


Some are not even recognizable :








Exciting news – I applied for an educational Wikitude license for this project, and they just got back to me! So the ‘Trial’ watermarks are GONE finally!

Find the main code (in Javascript) is here:

Here are some mock-ups from trying out Sketch:

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