walk objects cont’d

feedback from class, thoughts

— quotidian, daily thing
— make objects more thematic
— what do the objects do once you find them? / interactive
— add animations?

Where could I go with this?

jee shaun wang

Using collection of everyday objects to make a narrative about routine.

WHY THOUGH ? — What does it say about me and my reality?
How much data do you take in + What do you use it for?

Taking in an experience (or exploring a new neighborhood), is all about absorbing different kinds of data, whether it is through an encounter, an exchange, or simply an observation. Most of the time, a constant intake of data stays rotting inside a person’s subconsciousness.

Externalizing and bringing together all this raw data can be a significant starting point for understanding how opinions are formed and how habitual life ‘experiences’ can contribute in strange ways.

All of this is evidence that can be used subliminally to later form non-objective personal truths: opinions. Opinions that come purely from ‘experience’ can help structure a new reality.

final forms

  • a mobile app, with AR objects/captions
  • a map or guide, like in ‘Places of Remembrance’


‘Places of Remembrance’ Berlin Holocaust (anti-)memorial
Emojipedia objects
Sayaka Akiyama — “I get to know a place through my skin, by walking around.”
Akihiko Taniguchi

in the future

how to use objects/camera data from the outside world to create a creative tool, and new objects like a paintbrush or an app?

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