Thesis 3.26.18 : Exhibition Design details


  1. 3d sketch (to scale):

    SketchUp file:
  2. measurements (in feet): 5 x 5 x 5
  3. lights: one regular light 
  4. list of equipment / furniture:
    1. table
    2. chair
    3. mac mini, smallest Gigabyte size OK
    4. power outlet
    5. monitor (i bring)
    6. mouse (i bring)
  5. abstracts (100-200, two sentences):
    My thesis is a web resource that introduces middle schoolers (ages 11-13) to the math behind an image, using convolution matrices to create customizable image filters. Along the way, a relationship begins to form between the numbers and pixels, which underlines the power and importance of playing with images.
  6. instructions:
    Instructions are within the work itself.

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