Daily Dress Log Reflection

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Some re-occurring pieces in my outfits

The biggest thing I learned from my dress log is how my wardrobe is conditioned to create a constant feeling for me. Most of my clothes are multiples of the same thing. These things are T-shirts, sweatpants/joggers, sneakers, hoodies, and sweaters. In these articles of clothing I find my most ease. My definition of comfort is loose clothes that sort of hang on my body. They fit enough to not fall off and the allow me a large range of motion. I don’t want any of my activities or movement to restricted or limited due to the clothes that I wear. Comfort is always the goal, so there are no pieces that would make me feel otherwise. And that’s because I’ve edited and limited my articles the only be comfortable.

Besides comfort being the main goal, I’ve also found another reason behind these certain items. My wardrobe is extremely casual in terms of western society. Through the dress log I’ve realized that my outfits are coordinated to make me appear demure and unnoticeable in society. I do not want to bring attention to myself. That’s just part of my personality. I am usually a quiet person and like to stay out of the limelight. Now that I’m in New York, there’s all sorts of characters walking the streets. I don’t want one to look at me and feel like I’m interesting enough to bother. That may be a reason why most of my clothes are grays, neutrals, and darks. It helps me maintain a demure appearance.

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