After finishing our group domain and listening other groups presentation, I started to think about what domain and topic I want to focus on. I started with automation and food domain. Then I did some brainstorming and organized my ideas. Food issue made my think about health, inspired by the group which did children obesity.


I was thinking to do an artificial intelligence system that can help people health. The reason why I chose this was going to the doctor in some country was very expensive. What if we can have a personal health system and it can manage the health plan, moreover, it might be able to make a prescription.


Baymax from the animation “Big Hero 6” was my initial blueprint. He was a inflatable healthcare robot which was very good at taking care of people. Besides, there was two fields of A.I. — soft A.I. and hard A.I.. Soft A.I. were the products like Siri, Amazon Echo, and some smart virtual system. Hard A.I. were the robot which had physical structure.



I found a very good article which was talking about the A.I. system used in healthcare:
I was impressed with the part they talked about our health had much relative with personal life style, driven by feelings, beliefs, social and physical context, habits and addictions, and irrational ways of thinking about risks and benefits. If you want to make a person change behavior, one of the most powerful methods to do this is through coaching or motivational interviews.

This article recalled me of the A.I. robot, Samantha, in the movie “Her”. Through the long time development, an A.I. which was very closed to human, except for physical body, can influence people mind deeply. As result, I came up with an idea making a A.I. health advisor that was like a personal psychiatrist and friend, was able to guide you patiently and systematically.