Final Semester Cache Presentation


For my final project, I struggled when I began to do research. Mainly I was looking for inspiration with a similar subject matter as mine, which I soon learned was not the best technique. The early stages of my research was mainly text based as I researched the history of medicine bottles. I found many examples of old fashioned pill containers, which was cool and interesting to me, but it did little help with my project. Additionally, I did some research of artists using camouflage on objects or themselves. However, I found myself not liking their work much.


I eventually realized that I needed to think in broader terms when researching. I had this realization while in a gallery in chelsea (I forget what it was called 🙁 ) Where I saw some sculptures by the artist Jay Kelley. Although his work has very little to do with mine, I was inspired by the anthropomorphism of his small metal and wood sculptures. Attempting to incorporate a sense of anthropomorphism into my project, I explored artists who created costumes such as Nick Cave, of whom I am a big fan. I used these costumes and inspiration from totem like sculptures to achieve the personalities each of my pill bottles take on (to me at least)


not like you, but pretty cool

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