These Pills Will Fix Your Brain (But They Also Might Make it Much Worse)

For this assignment, I was supposed to create a text based slogan or phrase, then make it wearable or portable, leading to a final piece with a performative element. For my piece I chose to embroider the names of all the medications I’ve been prescribed in the past year onto a teeshirt. I then wore the shirt all day and asked friends their opinions and thoughts on the project.

The embroidery was important to the project. Michelle noted in the critique that the embroidery was a long and arduous but still delicate process- much like the process of finding a regiment of medication that is effective but also has tolerable side effects. Additionally, the process of embroidering made me hyper aware of the tremor I have a side effect.

The responses I got from my friends seemed to dodge the actual subject matter of the piece. They instead commented on the colors or the fact that the shirt looked “personalized.” Someone in the critique commented that the responses were likely indicative of many people’s reluctance to talk about mental illness.



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