Graphic Narrative

1st Iteration – First Sketch + Moodboard

My first idea of telling a story was that of a character who had a secret, leading to a visual revelation which would speak for itself as a story. I decided that I wanted to portray a historical yet fictitious moment in time; specifically that of the Russian Revolution, and the figures who lead it (albeit a precursor event/setting such as a Bolshevik rally).

2nd Iteration – Developing Sequence (multiple page sketches + character development)

My character would of course have to be middle/working-class – I decided to make him Eurasian too, since I feel as if that is an underrepresented group of people in media (being Eurasian myself).

3rd Iteration – Digital Illustration

4th Iteration – Final Printed Book

(Digital pdf: 4TH ITERATION-10ne96h)

I included a character info page at the start of the book, and a brief summary of the historical context in which my narrative took place on the back cover, just in case the reader/viewer was not familiar with the setting I chose to portray. Additionally, this would hopefully clarify why I set the dialogue in Russian and make it easy to assume what was going on.

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