MEMOIR Module: How does memory shape our “self”?

During few weeks in our class, we have been discussing about ourselves of who we are from the past, present, and future. Bringing back a memories about episodes that I had when I was little and reflecting back to how I felt and learned from them. I defined self as a matter of personal experience of one’s feelings, knowledges, thoughts, affections, and history. We were made based off of our surroundings, and how we have thought and acted from the past. For me memory can be divided into two parts. Either it is remembered as possible or negative memory. And because I been raised as a flowering plant in a warm greenhouse, i personally remember negative memories better. When we look back at our past we can remember special moments and realize how we have been raised. With our memory there is no self. Memory in other words means past to me. All the things I have done from the past becomes my memory that I often share with people and laugh about or feel remorseful again.

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