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-General Probability and percentage of blind people

Thesis: Blind people have a unique and challenging relationship to food and still many of them have become successful cooks by adopting a number of specific strategies and tools for buying, storing, preparing and consuming food. They are able to be independent and enjoy food much as sighted people do.  However, there remain several areas in which new strategies and tools could ease and enhance the relationship of vision-impaired individuals to food. Body1

How do blind people cook?

-This section of body mainly focuses on the strategies blind people use to cook their meals.

-Comparing how difficult it takes for blind people to cook verses sighted people

How is blind people’ taste of food different from sighted people

-sense of taste (Human body- science)


Food experiences and eating patterns of visually impaired and blind people.

  • obstacles when shopping for food, preparing food, and eating in restaurants.


What are the already existing products that help to overcome these (Body1, Body2) food experiences. Result: enough or not enough?

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