Multiple Self Portrait

  • Break into groups of four students

  • Photograph in natural light

  • It’s very important to always keep the tripod stationary!

  • Capture images of the face at different distances from the camera.

  • Capture different angles of the face including straight on and in profile.

  • You’ll want at least four different images of your face.

  • Import images of your face to your laptop

Using the printed grid version of your Photoshop document, transfer the gridded image to an 18×24 inch piece of drawing paper. Using the grid will help you create an image with accurate proportions and relationships among the various parts. It’s important to use very light lines to layout the grid and outline drawing. Do not include any shading or value in the drawing. Come to class with the full composition laid out with lightly drawn lines. We will continue the project using this drawing in class.

Self_Roman Self_Jess Self_Gigi Self_Christina2 Self_ChristinaAnna_WorkinProgressCarol_Posterizeportrait_anna portrait_carol_final portrait_gigi

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