Board Game Rule and Explanation Week 1


How to set up the game area:

Place the star main board in the middle of the table and put the planets in order starting from 1 going to 6, 6 being the Capital. Each player is given a player board, an information board and pick a player piece. Each player starts with 3 fuel to travel to different planets. Place all resources on the bottom of the board and loot cards, face down on the right side of the board. Place the Action Cards on the left side.


How to start:

This is a 4 player game that will take approximately 25 – 30min. The way the game starts is that each player is given a hidden faction card. Through the fashion of the players they will pick someone who is the Star Captain. The Star Captain starts the game.


How to play:

There are 14 rounds in the game. Each round has different phases. At the beginning of the round the Star Captain starts the round, they do this by choosing an action card. Each player must do the action described on the action card the player picked in a clockwise order. After every player has completed an action the round is over. To end the round return all player pieces to the capital planet, pass the Star Captain card clockwise and Rotate the planets on the game board a quarter turn.


There are two factions that are competing against each-other in the game however this information MUST be kept quiet. Sharing this information would break the rules and therefore count as cheating. The Factions define the winning conditions of the game. Each faction has a different set of conditions, how ever both much gather resources from mining planets to build and object. The colonists are building a colonization ship while the terrestrials are building a weapon to stop it. Once an individual person has enough resources they must announce that they have created their object. Then they must choose their allied faction player in order to win the game, if they do not their plans are sabotaged and then therefore lose.

Action Cards: Take and action and privilege. The action is completed by all players while the privilege is granted to the player that selected the action card.

Travel and Mine: Travel to a planet to mine it. Traveling costs fuel. The farther you travel the more the fuel cost is. To mine the planet you must role a die, you can get 1 to 6 of the material of the selected planet. If a 6 is rolled you are allowed to look at a “Loot Card” and can choose between the loot card or the 6 materials.

Privilege: Traveling Costs 1 less fuel


Forging: Combine materials to create building parts. If you have materials you must forge them when this card is picked.

Privilege: Gain 1 extra of the material you craft.


Salvage: Salvage a loot card for raw materials.

Privilege: Gain extra resources when salvaging.


Gamble: Place a loot card face up in the middle of the game board and gamble with other players for it.

privilege: Player gets to place the last bet.


Loot Cards:

Loots cards are cards that modify the way players play the game. They give special abilities that enhance and speed up the way you gather resources and materials to create your object


Resources are gathered by mining. Resources can be forged into materials that contribute to the object that you are building.


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