About Me: Designer Statement

Designer Statement



Torontonian, game designer and enthusiast, amateur woodworker, techie, audiophile, mech keys, foodie, critic, think-tank, and over-all strategist.


I started studying product design when I was 17 and spent about 2 years studying it at Parsons School of Design.


My core is based in product design. Creating an experience though a product. That is how I found my way into game development. I want to create a product that instills the same happiness I experience using products everyday.

I got into game development by wanting to transfer my desires as a product designer into a digital product.

My most recent attempt at this was teaching a younger generation how to make simple video games at my local university.


I’m passionate about games, design, craftsmanship, UX, a good story, cooking, internet and design culture.

I also love Samoyeds, movies, Game of Thrones, and traveling. But I really love Sammies.



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