Escape From Karmaac: Board Game week 2


A lot has progressed and changed in the game since the last post. Although the main mechanics staying the same there were some additions to balance some existing mechanics. All the changes are noted in the rule book I created for the game.

*please click the hyperlink for the rule book to see the rules of the game in detail.


reflecting on the criticisms given by my play testers in class there are some fundamental balancing issues with the actions and privileges of the action cards. The auction card has a very high value and is very effective in gaining items and resources while traveling is a less effective way of gathering resources. Some ideas that were discussed are adding a way to customize your ship and therefore creating different paths to reach the same goal instead of having all the players follow one linear style of play. This does add some issues with balancing however that can be solved over time. One way of accomplishing this would be to add different UPGRADES that are associated with the upgrade capacity card. Instead of having just a fuel capacity have an item and resource capacity as well, that way you can focus on one of the three outlets of gathering materials; going further to gather more valuable resources (fuel) being able to hold more items (auctioneer) or being able to gather more resources when you do travel to a planet (forger). This adds necessary diversity to they way the game is played and also creates unique opportunities to sabotage other players by stealing their privilege from a role card.


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