Bridge 4: Process Post

“A Bag For My Grandmother – Dedicated To Alzheimer’s Patients

  1. Final Design ProposalMy grandmother is an Alzheimer patient. She recently had an accident while finding something from her bag. Her bag had no compartments, which made all her belongings disorganized inside. Her regressive behaviors made it difficult to move her body freely. I am exploring factors that hinder Alzheimer patients to live normal lives. Moreover, asking myself why they need special, purposeful garments. I plan to make a garment that is light and wearable. Moreover, to store cellular phone, wallet, and note book. These items are essential for them to search their families when they get lost. It will be made out of denim. Shoulder strap will be added for those who cannot hold the bag. Inside of it, there will be two separate compartments. On the surface, there will be pocket with zipper to keep crucial items.

  2. Final Mood Board & Material Board

Bridge 2: Fashion Look Book