Ieva’s environmental portrait

Art and Nature

    She always seems to be mysterious, an art person coming from a northern European country perhaps, a tall and nice girl that majors in art, media, and technology. The clues of her mysteries aren’t easy to find, unless her hidden personal environment is investigated.

By the Champs-Elysées, dwells a painting palette that is somewhat exploitable for the depiction of her personality. In this small Parisian flat, Lithuania’s bucolic face has nicely been incorporated. Mimosa, fly eater, and Japanese tea plant constitute what might be dubbed “an agrarian memoir of her childhood” – the spreading canopy of green, sheltered by her country’s magnificent forests, cradled the countless escapades of the child she was. A sort of intimacy generated by small, discreet light bulbs hanging on the walls, goes in harmony with the flow of Lithuanian literature limning this green splendor. Although she doesn’t live in her childhood cocoon anymore, she managed to include in her new living space what was most common there: greenery.

A corner of this apartment is dedicated to the display of one of her daily routines. A wooden shelf steadily carries a set of brown and rectangular vintage speakers. Underneath, a black and modern vinyl record player is discreetly placed. Every day, pop rock, blues, and lounge music fills effortlessly the air of this flat, its melody rushing into and around her ears. The vinyl record player, notably, is precious to her; the music soaring out of its round shaped surface, carries within its transparent wings, episodes of her memories. However, this is not her only cherished object, as she cannot live without her very comfortable big black bag containing a mass of things, including two important ones: her passport, and her matching black wallet hiding random notes given by people, a lot of cards of secondary use and, a precious old photograph of her beloved mother when she was young – regardless of the distances, the strong bond she has with her family persists.

Another corner of the living-space is dedicated to a fully equipped white kitchenette with its little wooden dining table, thus revealing her cohabitation with a Lithuanian chef who is also her boyfriend. An olive oil bottle, a toaster, two wooden cutting boards, a mixer, a Tupperware, forks and knives, strainers, corkscrews, tomatoes, wine bottles, French bread invade this cooking-space in an artist’s messy way. Although she doesn’t enjoy cooking, this Parisian flat is a shelter for two different coexisting worlds, and consequently two different coexisting workspaces: one artistic and the other culinary, a sketchbook and a kitchen. Together, they enjoy eating pieces of soft Parisian Camembert nicely placed on the little yellow table of their narrow balcony. Together, they combined its strong scent, to the withstanding sweet aroma soaring out of various fresh fruits.

The existence of this type of harvest in her life is for her a necessity; every bite she grasps between her teeth fills her heart with pleasure and her body with freshness. Grapes, oranges, and apples, are miraculously dispersed all around the accommodation by an artist’s hand. The beautiful set of colors they comprise harmonizes with the purple of the little tables disposed on a brown fluffy carpet in front of the sofa. The brownish composition of the few little framed paintings hanging on the walls or placed on flat surfaces is also consonant with this artistic combination of fruits. Unexpectedly, these walls have withstood the preferences inducted by her passion. Indeed, as an art lover, she finds them too white and broad for her; they need to be covered with huge artworks. This preference is also very linked to the fact that she draws and sees the world in big– she even owns the largest sketchbook in her drawing class. Art has always been a passion for her. Her artistic bubble was raised and nourished by her parents who are her human roots, and to whom she is very grateful. This was during her young years spent in green Lithuania.

This artistic environment, which is still growing like a plant, has now been transplanted into the city of lights– she has just taken a new path to expand her artistic interests. Although her sense of belonging to Paris is growing deeper with time, the apartment in which she lives doesn’t match her expectations– its white walls lacking in works of art, its small size, and the lavender bouquets, make it look provincial. The positive aspect of this living-space such as the widespread sunrays, the combination of romance with art, of freshness with delectation, does not stop her from wanting a modern, simpler, uncrowded, and spacious one full of works of art– this, as long as she can keep her vinyl record player and her plants.

Today, Ieva is enjoying one of her travels abroad. This time, instead of staying out of her motherland for a couple of days, she’s dedicating a chapter of her existence to France. Throughout her life, she has had the chance to explore every piece of our world by traveling. This is what has built her personality. Nevertheless, forging it is a lifetime process. For that reason, her stay in Paris has, with no doubts, already started to have an impact on the shapes and colors of her nature.





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