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How to Disappear: From your old friends and interests

As months pass regularly start adding images of your new friendships and activities to your social media. As petty as that sounds people will begin to take notice that your life has started to shift in a new direction. Since you will have removed yourself, gotten a new number, and started showcasing that you now have a new and established friendships, you will have officially plugged into your new life.

Taken from my Seminar essay

The System & my engagement 
After watching the video in our last class on simply “How to Disappear” I really wanted to focus on a disappearance that would be psychological.

I feel that in life there are specific phases or transitions that as individuals we would we could rewind and disappear from. While many people may be constantly reminded of these events, some just push past them and replace those memories with new physical ones.

I’ve intentionally disappeared from specific parts of my life because I felt frustrated by them. Previously I had never considered friendships aspects of a system, but now I realize that they are systems within specific aspects of an individuals lifestyle

So my plan is to showcase how disappear from old friendships by evolving as an individual. 


  • I plan to showcase the evolution of disappearing into a new lifestyle through GIFS, images, typography, & engagement that takes place on social media on a Tumblr blog.
  • I’m also considering having an element of performance through a reading that captures my personal experience with disappearance and how I translated that into my piece

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  1. Jen · March 7, 2016 Reply

    sounds like a good plan – but I wonder, what are the aspects that make these “old friendships” less agreeable or pertinent now? these would be good to identify, so as not to repeat them in the new system…

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