Time Metropolis : Map

kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-26-22-53-12 kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-26-22-53-29 kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-26-22-53-42

This is my map for my walk. I decided to walk straight from my dormitory, and wondered where I would end up at. I started to walk with my music on, and I ended up at Chelsea when I walked straight


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I took pictures focusing on things I couldn’t see in my neighborhood and places that were colorful. But since the photos had to be black and white, I couldn’t show the colors of the pictures I took.


Time Metropolis : 2 Articles

composition – one of the most important elements of photography

– more important than how out of focus the background is

Bokeh – lets you obsess about something insignificant, but often makes for lazy


Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon, William Eggleston, Alfred Eisenstaedt

  1. photographers not obsessed with the shallowest depth of field
  2. iconic photographers capable of iconic photographs built on the foundations of masterful compositions and superb timing

+ Not every rule of composition can work well with every scene – composition helps bring balance

abstract concepts and theories

Frame within a Frame

  • literal frame or just the edge of screen
  • help add context, meaning, or depth to photo – especially when related to subject
  • create more immediate sense of focus on subject
  • add three dimensional element to an otherwise flat scene
  • keep the exposure and focus on subject – use foreground that is darker than back

The Gestalt – Principles or Gestaltism

  • Gestalt ( shape or form ) Psychology – explain how we perceive things and organize in brain

Figure / Ground

  • most basic compositional device : constant visual simulation tend to differentiate a form from its surroundings
  • perception of figure can depend on multiple characteristics including color or contrast ex) The Vase
  • color can be used to create separation : complimentary colors

Chiaroscuro + Negative Space

  • Chiaroscuro : art of using strong contrast between light and dark
  • Negative Space : produce silhouette, drawing attention to subject, or positive space

Proximity and Grouping

Symmetry and Balance


Continuity and Leading Lines


  • since subject isn’t completely in frame, brain will try to fill in details

5cl7tcw-1t5273q-150x150 Grouping, balance, continuity

Int Studio : Bridge 2 ( Peer to Peer )

kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-21-17-52-50_56 kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-21-17-52-51_87

We both told our own stories of shift, and made collages out of them. I made my partner’s collage by expressing shift of this major; he changed his major from business to fashion. He made my collage using my story of my shift of places to places. We put our collages together, and we connected the two of them with words that contain New York. We both ended up in New York even though we made collages about different shifts.

Int Studio : Self Portrait from Objects

studio-project-1-1 studio-project-1-2

I took two photos of my portrait ; one vertical and another horizontal, because my objects were all really short. To give a short explanation of my objects, all of the objects in this photo are presents from my family; perfumes from my mom, phone case from my brother, and last but not least sneakers from my dad. I selected these objects because first of all, I put on perfume everyday. Since all three perfume have different scent, I chose one that fits the most to my feeling each day since I was in Korea. Second of all, I chose my phone case because my younger brother gave it to me right before I came to New York. I told my brother I wanted this phone case, but I didn’t really think that he would actually buy it for me. So ever since, I’ve put on this phone case most of the time. Lastly, I chose this sneakers because I got it on Children’s Day in Korea when I just became an adult in Korea. So because my parents told me that they would buy presents for me on Children’s Day until I get married, I thought that this sneaker had a lot of meaning to me since it was the first one.

Int Studio : 30 drawings in 30 minutes


Before drawing 30 drawings, I thought that it won’t be difficult. I thought it would be very easy-going, but it turned out not to be. At first the drawings were easy, but as it got to the end, my arms started to hurt and it didn’t seem to end. After takings photos and making animations by photoshop, I was really amazed by how simple it is to make animations. This was almost the first time I used photoshop, so it was confusing and I was lost from time to time, but also it was more simple than I had thought about photoshop.