Int Studio 2: Bridge 2 Infomap

My research question is ‘How do luxury fashion brands synergize with graphic design in advertising in order to boost fashion magazines?’.

So in my information map, I wanted to make questions such as ‘How does luxury fashion brand advertising affect fashion magazine sales?’ and ‘Which fashion magazine brands advertise luxury brands, and what are their sales like?’.

In my info map I wrote luxury and mass market brands, rankings of fashion magazine sales, advertising strategies, and categories of advertising.

This information map helped me organize information about my research.

Int Studio 2 : Bridge 1


I wanted to express advertising media from this drawing. These days because of development of media, people have access to ads through the television, internet, and the radio. I drew hands of people holding money because I wanted to express that people often spend money after they come across advertising in their daily lives.


Graphic Design

I have always been interested in graphic design, and I realized the fact the graphic design is closely related to advertising. I drew a drawing of the game Tetris, because whenever I played this game, I thought that it was very graphic.


Makeup Tools

I drew illustrations of makeup tools because I like putting make up on. I look up many make up ads and its postscripts to find out closely about them. I think I spend money on makeup after looking at advertisements than clothes or shoes.

Digital / Hand drawn Abstract

I had a hard time deciding on how to make my abstract works because I realized that it is harder to do a project abstract than when there are requirements. I also struggled with relating my abstract work with emotion. I did negative emotions on digital work and positive emotions on my hand drawn works.


This is the last digital abstract work I did. While I was doing this I was feeling nervous and anxious about how I will manage finishing all my work for this week and the midterm coming on Thursday morning. I was thinking of making this piece colorful, but I decided that this noisy background would be better for me to express my anxiety.


For this piece, I wanted to express stress. I felt that when it comes to emotion, bold colors such as red and black tend to feel negative. Also, I used the noisy background to also express stress simultaneously with the colors.

drawing 2-1veh0qd

I wanted to express how lost I am. I wanted to express this emotion by making the background black. By using different kind of colors, I wanted to show that there are different paths I could take but haven’t decided on which.