History of Fashion: Image

This is an image of an S-curve silhouette which was also known as health corsets or straight-front corsets were designed in the early 1900’s during the Edwardian era. The corset was used for the design of s-curve, or s-bend silhouette, which was popularized by the Gibson Girl. The Gibson Girl symbolized the fashionable ideal of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Corset designs have been originated from Greece by Minoan people, and have been evolving ever since, mostly by centuries. In the 1900s, the artificial beauty had become much more acceptable than before; women were able to make their body look the way they want to easier. The S-bend dress has low chest and curvy hips, and it removed pressure from the abdomen which made women more comfortable. The neckline of the dress was supported by very high boned collars. Corset’s shape allowed the bosom to hang low and was unarticulated in front, but the hips were pushed backward. However, in 1908, the corsets started to lose popularity as it got towards the later part of the Edwardian era because the corset that had been known as the ‘health’ corset, it came out that it wasn’t healthy at all for women. Over-tightening the corsets brought up problems because, by tight lacing, it made women difficulty in breathing as well as lower back pain and knee problems. Consequently, the S-curve silhouette, which was popularized by the Gibson Girl and the name ‘health corset’, fell into disfavor due to all health problems that it brought in the end.