History of Fashion: Image

This is an image of an S-curve silhouette which was also known as health corsets or straight-front corsets were designed in the early 1900’s during the Edwardian era. The corset was used for the design of s-curve, or s-bend silhouette, which was popularized by the Gibson Girl. The Gibson Girl symbolized the fashionable ideal of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Corset designs have been originated from Greece by Minoan people, and have been evolving ever since, mostly by centuries. In the 1900s, the artificial beauty had become much more acceptable than before; women were able to make their body look the way they want to easier. The S-bend dress has low chest and curvy hips, and it removed pressure from the abdomen which made women more comfortable. The neckline of the dress was supported by very high boned collars. Corset’s shape allowed the bosom to hang low and was unarticulated in front, but the hips were pushed backward. However, in 1908, the corsets started to lose popularity as it got towards the later part of the Edwardian era because the corset that had been known as the ‘health’ corset, it came out that it wasn’t healthy at all for women. Over-tightening the corsets brought up problems because, by tight lacing, it made women difficulty in breathing as well as lower back pain and knee problems. Consequently, the S-curve silhouette, which was popularized by the Gibson Girl and the name ‘health corset’, fell into disfavor due to all health problems that it brought in the end.


History of Fashion Final Topic

S curve silhouette 1900-1910


The s-curve silhouettes are slimmed and has been elongated by a considerable amount since the 1830s. The dress has low chest and curvy hips, and has removed pressure from the abdomen which made women more comfortable. The neckline of the dress was supported by very high boned collars. The shape of the corset allowed the bosom to hang low and was unarticulated in front, but the hips were pushed backwards. During 1900 to 1910, the Industrial Revolution Era has influenced fashion the most.

What interested most of this dress was the thin waist that is emphasized from this dress, and the s-curve design. I found this image interesting because I think this image highlights the distinctive features of the s curve silhouette well.

Since I am not in fashion design, I could only talk about the relation of this dress and my personal style. I believe that this design is different who my personal style that I prefer, because there aren’t a lot of dresses in this design that could be worn casually.

The fashion in the 1960s were influenced by the surroundings of the decade. Public acceptance at this time made the designs in relaxed shaping and lowered waistline, which became a popular silhouette. American and European collections focused on silhouettes made low-waisted, but also reintroduced the princess shape, narrow tubular, or oval outline with little or no waistline. Designers that were popular and well known in the 1960s were Pierre Cardin, Andre Courreges, Bonnie Cashin, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Pucci, Pacco Rabanne, and of course, Mary Quant.

What interested me from this image were the way that women are dressed in this illustration. They were much more sophisticated compared to the first image I chose, and was interesting for me to know that fashion has improved the most in the 1960s.

The designs of the tubular dresses are also not related to my own style, but I have seen many middle aged women wear dresses in this design including my mother.


The elongated inverted triangle silhouette in the 1910s had a more subtle outline. This dress had wider shoulders and narrower hips, which were their distinctive features. The earlier inverted triangle designs were longer in length, usually floor length, and narrow at the bottom.

I chose this image instead of the images that show the dresses in floor length because of the sophisticated designs of the dresses drawn.

I think that this elongated inverted triangle silhouette is my favorite among the other dresses I have chosen for this assignment.








Bridge 3: Concept Sketches

While I was searching for Gucci’s advertising strategies, I found out about the #TMIGucci Memes they started to promote their watch collections. After I read an article about this activity, I wanted to make my own memes but with different ideas and different products. I wanted to make memes in specific and practical situations for people to sympathize in that situation. For my project, I want to take photos first, and then add photoshop.

#When you get upset for at least a day

I wanted to show how people get upset when their latest possession gets dirty. In the middle, a person is going to be sitting with an upset face, and the five thought bubble will show the process in chronological order.

#thought she had fever

A girl who is not good at make up puts on too much blush that she looks like she has a fever.

#after a hot night

For this one, I will be thinking more about the concept while doing the others because I was going to get the lipstick marks from the internet and edit it with photoshop, but now I think about it I thought it would be too simple.







#too excited after shopping

The girl who was too excited after shopping was swinging her arms around and didn’t realize that her shoe box/shoe has fallen out of the bag.

(I thought about this situation, and kind of thought that falling out of the bag is not that practical, so I am still deciding on it between swinging the bag too much that it went off the girls hands.)


#when you hurry after your bathroom break

In situations where you hurry after going to the restroom, sometimes you don’t realize about tissue stuck to the bottom of your shoes or water all over your shoe.


Int Studio 2: Bridge 2 Infomap

My research question is ‘How do luxury fashion brands synergize with graphic design in advertising in order to boost fashion magazines?’.

So in my information map, I wanted to make questions such as ‘How does luxury fashion brand advertising affect fashion magazine sales?’ and ‘Which fashion magazine brands advertise luxury brands, and what are their sales like?’.

In my info map I wrote luxury and mass market brands, rankings of fashion magazine sales, advertising strategies, and categories of advertising.

This information map helped me organize information about my research.

Int Studio 2 : Bridge 1


I wanted to express advertising media from this drawing. These days because of development of media, people have access to ads through the television, internet, and the radio. I drew hands of people holding money because I wanted to express that people often spend money after they come across advertising in their daily lives.


Graphic Design

I have always been interested in graphic design, and I realized the fact the graphic design is closely related to advertising. I drew a drawing of the game Tetris, because whenever I played this game, I thought that it was very graphic.


Makeup Tools

I drew illustrations of makeup tools because I like putting make up on. I look up many make up ads and its postscripts to find out closely about them. I think I spend money on makeup after looking at advertisements than clothes or shoes.