Digital / Hand drawn Abstract

I had a hard time deciding on how to make my abstract works because I realized that it is harder to do a project abstract than when there are requirements. I also struggled with relating my abstract work with emotion. I did negative emotions on digital work and positive emotions on my hand drawn works.


This is the last digital abstract work I did. While I was doing this I was feeling nervous and anxious about how I will manage finishing all my work for this week and the midterm coming on Thursday morning. I was thinking of making this piece colorful, but I decided that this noisy background would be better for me to express my anxiety.


For this piece, I wanted to express stress. I felt that when it comes to emotion, bold colors such as red and black tend to feel negative. Also, I used the noisy background to also express stress simultaneously with the colors.

drawing 2-1veh0qd

I wanted to express how lost I am. I wanted to express this emotion by making the background black. By using different kind of colors, I wanted to show that there are different paths I could take but haven’t decided on which.