Int Studio : Bridge 2 ( Peer to Peer )

kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-21-17-52-50_56 kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-21-17-52-51_87

We both told our own stories of shift, and made collages out of them. I made my partner’s collage by expressing shift of this major; he changed his major from business to fashion. He made my collage using my story of my shift of places to places. We put our collages together, and we connected the two of them with words that contain New York. We both ended up in New York even though we made collages about different shifts.

Int Studio : Self Portrait from Objects

studio-project-1-1 studio-project-1-2

I took two photos of my portrait ; one vertical and another horizontal, because my objects were all really short. To give a short explanation of my objects, all of the objects in this photo are presents from my family; perfumes from my mom, phone case from my brother, and last but not least sneakers from my dad. I selected these objects because first of all, I put on perfume everyday. Since all three perfume have different scent, I chose one that fits the most to my feeling each day since I was in Korea. Second of all, I chose my phone case because my younger brother gave it to me right before I came to New York. I told my brother I wanted this phone case, but I didn’t really think that he would actually buy it for me. So ever since, I’ve put on this phone case most of the time. Lastly, I chose this sneakers because I got it on Children’s Day in Korea when I just became an adult in Korea. So because my parents told me that they would buy presents for me on Children’s Day until I get married, I thought that this sneaker had a lot of meaning to me since it was the first one.

Mind map : Shift

Mind map

I have drawn a mind map related to shifts that I’ve made between countries. Between these physical shifts I have made in my life, there were also shifts that weren’t physical, but related to physical ones.

10 verbs related to shift

  • ride
  • graduate

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