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Studio: Draft/Thesis Process

Mood board:

I haven’t changed anything on the mood board since the prototype for this project; I’m definitely sticking to this color scheme.


Images designs:

These are the first three designs for my garment “patches”. All of them were worked on both by hand and in illustrator and adjusted to a small size.



I have definitely received very helpful feedback today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to print out these images as garment patches due to the student budget. I have received several suggestions from my peers today: one was that I should make the images different sizes because some of them would play a stronger role if I did, I could try out using felt fabric (at least I think that’s how it’s spelled), maybe I could hand embroider all of these images or at least one of them, and last one was that It would be cool to display it on a denim jacket.

I think all the feedback I received today is definitely something that would make the project stronger as separate pieces and as a whole and I am planning to try out all of the suggestions.

Draft (process) + feedback outcome: 

At the moment, I am pleased with how this project is going. I think that it will not be a hustle to get it done by the due date. The next step for me is to experiment with printing on different fabrics to see on what fabric will the images look better on and serve the purpose better. While I’ll be doing that, I will be adding about 2 to 3 more images to make because I feel like because of their size, the more I design the more beneficial will that be for my final outcome.

After the feedback, I’ll try the felt fabric for sure and I’m also thinking of trying to hand-embroider at least one of these.

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