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Project 1: Water

Project 1: Water

For this project, I decided to focus on the water fountains that are located in Paris. The purpose for this…
Project Deconstruction

Project Deconstruction

I chose to deconstruct Project 3: Retro-futurism from the Integrative studio 1 class. I think that this project was the most…
Thesis Project

Thesis Project

Feedback and reflection:  The main feedback that I got from the possible research topics is that most questions were repeated…

Entry #7

February 4, 2018 Entry #7   Piece of Beauty   While browsing Pinterest for that daily light bulb of inspiration,…

Entry #6

February 3, 2018 Entry #6     Color with the Absence of Color   As I was flipping through a…

Entry #5

February 2, 2018 Entry #5   Fear is Always Inside of You   Have you ever thought about to what…
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