Orthographic Projections

Orthographic Projections of components from the metal fan


within this project, I learned the specific layout and language of technical drawing, as orthographic drawings serve as a multi viewed document that details the dimensions of an object. With a document like this, a manufacturer would have an idea what a certain product would look like, not so much being able to construct it as it does not supply instructions to do so, but more of a “ideal outcome”. In my opinion, creating multi-viewed technical drawings functions as the “first step” into any sort of manufacturing or constructing profession, as it serves as an introduction to how their systems work. This idea of manufacturing and the language that comes with it relates heavily with the text I chose, as it discusses the period of awareness between 1880 and 1918. This awareness being the gradual but also exponential growth of the Industrial Revolution and the sophistication of technology it brought with it. I’m sure the prowess with technical drawing was fundamental during that time as technology, and therefore the means to put it together, was constantly evolving. I just find it interesting how the means of designing such technologies with technical drawing styles (such as Orthographic) have remained in tact for the most part, as people design and communicate with them to this day. However, at the same time, you can view Da Vinci’s notebooks and have a fairly good idea of how the mechanisms were supposed to work.

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