Wire Contour study



Within this project, we essentially visualized the concepts explored in project 3, only this time manifesting them into physical versions. Which is interesting because it originally worked as taking something that is purely three dimensional and representing it on a two dimensional plane, now its taking stimulus from the two dimensions and reinterpreting it into three dimensions. Now the original object and representation can be immediately compared as they inhabit the same plane. the effect of empty space is interesting, as these are just wires bent into shapes. However, once they’re closed off, the space “contained” within its frame creates a form of reference that works as a symbol for the human psyche. This same effect was once achieved with the construction of the skyscraper, as described in The Culture of Time and Space, ” liberated from the need to construct solid supporting walls, architects could use sheets of glass to open interiors and scenery of the outside world.” Now this project didn’t open up a view of the city to people living in the interior, however this relates to the assignment because the way architects achieved this effect. That is, building what they call bare skeletal structures that supported itself to the point where it didn’t need a solid wall to keep it standing, and therefore could have walls with spacious views. Here we can see that the usage of a frame, wire or steel girdle, displays an intentional window into a selected span of space.

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