One and Three Still Life

The purpose of this assignment was to construct a still life drawing and render it realistically, then subvert the objectivity of the rendering by abstracting it.

The first step for this assignment was to choose our objects to render, I chose my hat with my highschool’s initials on it, a Gameboy advanced, a ring, an apple, and my s’well water bottle.


after the process of finding objects, we were tasked with organizing our objects into certain positions in order to produce an interesting still life. I came up with two configurations,

 but settled on the latter,

After we rendered our still life into a drawing, the next step was to bring a scan of it into Photoshop and abstract it. Now I don’t think I did spectacular job in completely abstracting it to the point of no recognition, as parts of the original still life are still visible. My intent with this image was to change the dull colors of my objects and replace them with vibrant ones, while also selecting areas with the circular selection tool to displace parts of the image.  







The last step was to create a textual piece that said something about the objects while still being visually interesting. When picking my objects I didn’t have any sort of narrative or constructed theme behind them, however I was able to apply a scheme of relevance to them. I originally wrote it in my sketchbook,

 but expanded on the thought when typing it in Photoshop.

In total, with all 3 combined, the final product looked like this.

project 3_final_krupinski_pdf-1j17et5


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