Integrative Studio Final: Representing Our Hometowns

Due to the dis-satisfaction I felt from the previous project, I felt determined to produce something with better quality for this assignment. This assignment tasked us with creating a pop up book that incorporates memories of your hometown as well as some sort of historical/contextual background to the area. I’ve lived in several locations in New Jersey throughout my life, I could however center a large portion around this one town on the Jersey Shore known as Avon-By-The-Sea. I’ve spent approximately 15 years of my life out of the 19 I’ve currently lived, to say a large portion of my development occurred here would be an understatement. With this idea in mind, I knew I wanted to incorporate my experience with Avon as well as the history of its sort of “former glory” days.

and with that, I began to conceptualise the way this book would be constructed.

For one thing, I knew that I wanted the size to be square, so I sketched out the basic layout and fold machanic, this would later be changed to 8 inches instead of 9.

Additionally, I wanted to establish my personal experiences by using my several old houses as a symbol.

With that, I began to design the pages

Throughout my designing process, I wanted to achieve an abundance of mechanics that paper and tabs has to offer, such as the third page:

I however could not include such intricacies due to the limitations of the material I was using (bristol paper) as well as the lack of “pull” the pages had, since they would only open to a 90 degree angle. There was also an entire page I removed because of supposed time restraints (really I had a full extra week to do it), but when we came to this realization, the glue had already dried.

Despite this, the final product looked like this:

Overall, I was much happier with the way this turned in comparison to the assignment prior to this, as I feel I put much more effort into the layout and presentation of the subject matter, it is my home after all, I had to respect it.



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