The Many Masks of Many Selves

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a faux-visage that symbolically represented one of the many identities we put up in the different times of our lives.

the first phase of this assignment was to come up with five designs that you felt represented a facet of yourself:

As mentioned, I found it difficult to construct the first design I had in mind, so I shifted my focus to my fifth design. The image here displays the mask in the middle of construction:

I decided to take some liberties in the middle of the mask making process, such as the writing and illustrations on it, which were taken from things I had written for the integrative seminar course. I also added horns for a more visually striking effect.

The Finished Product:

I didn’t intend for the design to come off as too on the nose or preachy, however in terms of construction I’m happy with the outcome.

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