Focusing on a region in NYC: Chelsea

For this project, we were instructed to choose an area within New York City, research its past, and create a composition that represents this past.

The first step was to research the history of Chelsea’s area:

I noticed that a very prominent part of Chelsea location was the Highline, which provided transport for freight and other materials that progressed Chelsea’s industry in the past, but it is now a walkway and park. With this in mind I wanted to provide a window into the past of the Highline, and therefore Chelsea’s past.

This was the final product:

 The white spot was intended to serve as an area I could later draw on top of, I unfortunately left my printed final in my portfolio at my dorm, but I can offer a description. The white space was filled in with pencil to be a modern person, looking back at the workers and labor that took place on the Highline (which were also added physically to the final print with pencil).

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