Bridge 4: Forming an Agenda and Intervention Prototypes

After identifying the motive of the site in bridge 3, we were tasked with coming up with an agenda that would align with this thesis.

For me this proved to be difficult because it was easy to come up with an issue I wanted to address within the site, but presenting a solution for it in a way that would still provide an interesting experience not currently present there. Specifically I wanted to replicate the same effect felt when sitting on the elevated seats, as that offers a feeling of exclusivity not felt anywhere else in the site.

Originally I wanted to achieve this by extending the elevation outwards towards the middle of the site, making the elevation more accessible, while also adding a taller dinner table styled surface with stools to accommodate more individuals.  I was pretty confidant in this initial design, a valuable lesson I learned is that one cannot be so sure in such an early stage. When I interviewed groups of individuals for seminar, many didn’t like the concept because it would impact the balance of visual gravity too severely. Upon reconsideration, this design really doesn’t work, it fails to replicate the elevation’s experience because it’s no longer remote. Once made widely available and present within space, the effect is diminished and only replaced with awkward positioning. This being said, a re-design was in order. Something that could provide the same remote feeling of encouragement and wonder, almost reminiscent of enlightenment due to the being surround by ample natural light. When on the elevation, you’re positioned higher next to the window, more of your body, and therefore peripheral awareness, is in a way engulfed by the height you inhabit. It was this height that I aimed to channel in this new design.

After this worksheet I refined these designs into three vignettes

after this vision came the first prototype that would test the lighting of the space

However this model would not be enough to convey the design of this platform, it needed more attention towards its composition. Which could be provided by an AutoCAD model.

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