Assignment 2: Planes

After building a relief model for assignment 1, I wanted to pursue a form with clear intention from the start rather than finding intent later on in the design process. This being said, assignment 2 tasked us with exploring the spatial relationships that can be established through differences in planes. I wanted to continue exploring the creation of voids seen in assignment 1, but less obviously and in a more implied manner.

Since the confines of the assignment were initially 12in x 12in x 12in, I wanted to use cubic elements in the design, which can be seen in this sketch;

Since this assignment was largely part to whole in composition, I wanted use shapes that are “cut-short” in areas to imply that there was a nested cube within their volumes.

The 12×12 result;

The second phase tasked us with downsizing this form into a 6 x 6 x 6 cube, which allowed me to create a planar difference in the areas “touched” by this nested geometry using a darker shade of paper;

Plans and elevations;

The hatched areas being the areas where there’s dark paper.



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